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See your Doctor sooner.

Mymo recoups the costs of cancellations and increases health system revenue by seamlessly filling cancelled appointments with in-person and virtual visits.

Why Mymo?

Looking forward one month, doctors' schedules appear fully booked, but looking back at the same 30 day period only 80% of appointments were filled*, resulting in unutilized capacity. Meanwhile, patients wait an average of 2-3 weeks to see a doctor**.

* Harvard Business Review, Bringing the Power of Platforms to Health Care, 2016
** Merrit Hawkins, Physician Appointment Wait Times and Medicaid and Medicare Acceptance Rates, 2014.

The Mymo Solution

Mymo is an automated scheduling solution that seamlessly integrates into EHRs to enhance the experience between the patient and physician.

Doctors and Health Systems.

  • Recoups revenue lost from cancelled appointments by automatically filling unexpected openings with in-person and virtual visits.

  • Links physician availability with patient demand by offering a prioritized waitlist of patients the opportunity to claim open slots via text message.

  • Eliminates hours of phone tag and sticky note waitlists.


  • Mymo actively informs patients who want to be seen sooner of availble appointments, keeping them engaged with the doctors they know and trust, and more importantly the doctors that know them the best.

  • We partner with the best in class institutions to provide patients easy access to high quality care.

  • Our patient-centered web platform and mobile telehealth app offers patients appointments at their convenience, enabling them to see doctors through virtual or in-person visits.

Make the tools invisible,
not the care in health.

Product Overview

Mymo's web and mobile, HIPAA-compliant platform, seamlessly integrates across all existing EHRs to provide an interoperable solution. Watch the video below to see how the Mymo experience makes seeing your doctor simple.

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