How long will your patients wait to get the care they need?

MyMO's waitlist management service reduces patient waitime by 60%.

MyMO is your fully automated workflow solution.

Creating a virtual admin that adopts each physician’s scheduling rules and preferences to automatically fill openings in real time with no work required by your teams and no patient registration.

The Problem:

Access and Excess Capacity

Unfilled slots on a physician’s schedule are like empty seats after the plane takes off.

Both are missed revenue opportunities that cannot be recaptured in real time.

Looking ahead 30 days.

4% of a physician’s slots are vacant.

Looking behind 30 days.

18% of a physician’s slots were vacant due to cancellations and no-shows.

Legacy tools and processes have failed to reliably fill these open appointments.

MyMO fills the open slots

MyMO notices any near term open appointments.

MyMO identifies the optimal recipients for the recently opened appointment.

MyMO extends a rescheduling offer to the patients via SMS.

Once accepted, MyMO automatically updates the physician’s schedule.


Fewer cancellations vs. previous average


Fewer no-shows vs. previous average


Reduction in average patient wait time

The Patient Experience

A 42 year old patient with seizures reduced her wait time from 62 days to

6 days

A 65 year old patient with chronic pain reduced his wait time from 89 days to

28 days

A 76 year old patient with back pain reduced her wait time from 72 days to

2 days

We’re not your typical healthcare IT company

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